Welcome to my Homepage! I’m glad you’ve stopped by to get to know me a little better.

I am a Member of the European Parliament and the Presidium of the German Liberal Party FDP as well as the leader of the FDP association in South-Western German state Baden-Württemberg. At present I am candidate for the federal elections on 24th September for the next Parliament (Bundestag). My political views are based upon the ideas of the social market economy, an open society, the functioning rule of law, freedom of entrepreneurship, research and media, and politics and policy-making that enable our citizens to fully benefit from progress through innovation and digitalisation. I entered the European Parliament in 2009 and am currently a Member of the Committee on Economics and Monetary Affairs, the Enquiry Committee on Tax Avoidance and Money Laundering („Panama Papers“) and a Deputy Member of the Committee on Budget Control. I am also and the Chairman of the Delegation for Relations with Australia and New Zealand. Previously I have been Co-Rapporteur for the Special Committee on Corporate Tax Avoidance (TAXE / „LuxLeaks“). My work focusses at present on the establishment of the right EU legal framework for the Capital Markets Union, the Digital Single Market and fair tax competition that does not disadvantage Small and Medium Size Enterprises. I truly believe in the historic achievements, benefits and importance of European Integration, but I think that we need more of a better Europe – a Europe that is bold in those areas that are best tackled on EU level, and that pulls back from issues better dealt with at national, regional or local level.

Prior to being elected to the European Parliament, I graduated in Economics from the University of Tübingen, was Mayor of the city Horb am Neckar and was a Member of the State Parliament Baden-Württemberg.

For up to date details on what I’m working on you can look at my social media accounts on the links to the left of the page. You can also always contact me or my team at michael.theurer@ep.europa.eu.

Co-Rapporteur for the Special Committee on Tax Evasion TAXE

Member of the Committee on Budgetary Control

Member of the Committee on Economics and Currency

Deputy member of the Committee on Industry, Research, and Energy

Chairman of the Delegation for Relations with Australia and New Zealand

Deputy chairman of the FDP Delegation in the European Parliament

Deputy Chairman of the EP-wide SME Intergroup

Deputy Chairman of the MEP Danube Forum (EP-wide network)

Member of the European group for Resources

Graduated from Martin-Gerbert-Gymnasium in Horb (1986)

Military service with the Air Brigade 25 in Calw (1986-1987)

Editor of local news of the Schwarzwälder Bote in Oberndorf and Schramberg (1988-1990)

Studied economics at the University of Tübingen (1990-1995, graduated 1995)

Mayor of the city of Horb (1995-2009)

Member of the State Parliament of Baden-Württemberg (2001-2009)

Member of the European Parliament (2009-present)

Lecturer at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Lörrach (2011-present)

Joined the Young Liberals and the FDP/DVP (1983)

Regional chairman of the Young Liberals (1991-1994)

Member of the State Executive Board of the FDP/DVP (1991-2011)

Deputy chairman since 1999

Member of the Municipal Council of Horb and Chairman of the Municipal faction of Freien Demokraten/Freien Wähler (1989-1995)

Chairman of the City Council faction of the FDP/DVP (1989-1994)

Member of the Freudenstadt County Council (1999-present)

Chairman of the County Council faction of the FDP/DVP since 2004

Spokesman on Legal, Media, and European Affairs for the FDP State Parliament faction and deputy chairman of the European Affairs Committee of the State Parliament Baden-Württemberg (2001-2006)

Deputy chairman of the State Parliament faction of the FDP/DVP (2006-2009)

Member of the Federal Executive Board of the FDP (2003-2011; 2013-present)

Regional Chairman of the state division of the FDP in Baden-Württemberg (2013)

Chairman of the Support and Development Association „Ehemalige Synagoge Rexingen e.V.“

Deputy Chairman of the European Parliamentary Association

Theurer, Michael und Sondhof, Harald: Wettbewerb in den lokalen Fernmeldemärkten der USA. Diplomarbeit, Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen. 1995.

Theurer, Michael und Sondhof, Harald: Wettbewerb in den lokalen Fernmeldemärkten – dargestellt am Beispiel der USA. In: Wirtschaft und Wettbewerb. 46Jg., Heft 3, S. 177-187.

Theurer, Michael: Impulse für eine Reform von unten – Kommunitärer Liberalismus. In: Chatzimarkakis, Georgis und Hinte, Holger (Hrsg.): Freiheit und Gemeinsinn. 1997. S. 134-158.

Theurer, Michael: Vom Wutbürger zum Mutbürger: Demokratie in Europa. In: LIBERAL, Vierteljahreshefte für Politik und Kultur. Dezember 2011, 53. Jahrgang, S. 42-46.

Theurer, Michael: Demokratie und Internet. In: Doering, Detmar; Eckner, Constantin; Hentrich, Steffen; Liermann, Susanne; Schuster, Dirk (Hrsg.): Demokratie in Europa. Liberale Perspektiven. 2013. S. 307-323.

Has stayed in the following places for more than one month: UK, Japan, South Africa, Australia, Belgium and France

Language skills: English and French

Foreign languages

Skiing in winter

Tennis and jogging in summer

Classical music


Good wine


Personal information

  • Degree in Economics
  • Former Mayor
  • Former Member of State Parliament of Baden-Württemberg
  • Born 12 January 1967 in Tübingen
  • Protestant

Portrait Michael Theurer